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The game of cricket was introduced in India in the middle of the 18th century. It is recorded as having been played in India as early as 1721 - probably among sailors off a merchant ship! Valmiki Group and Valmiki Hriday, though little late, have marked their entries into the cricket world by organizing a tournament on January 11, 2014. The two teams, i.e. Valmiki Group and Valmiki Hriday, put into the game their great sportsman skills, though the latter gave a tough time to the former team (Valmiki Group) in chasing the score of 69. J The details of the match have been shared below:

Team Valmiki Group - Krishna (captain), Naveen, HariShekhar, Prasad, Nandu, Srinivas, Harry, Rakesh, Sandeep, Prabhu, Dilip, Shashank (reserve)

Team Valmiki Hriday - Naidu (captain), Venkat, Naveen, Madhukar, Pavan Kumar, T Vinay, Sai Kumar, Girish, Chakri, Manoj, Shiva rama Krishna & Manohar