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14-15th December 2013 - Valmiki Hriday Children attended two-day Camp at Divya Retreat (Hyderabad).

Valmiki Hriday children attended and enjoyed the two-day Awesomeness Camp from 14-15th December 2013), organized by the Green Nest at Divya Retreat Hyderabad. The objectives behind the camp were- Building the confidence in the children, Learning new skills, Building concentration levels, Ability to believe, Celebrating life.

The camp included a range of activities such as Christmas celebrations, adventure activities, self- defense training, yoga, camp fire, tenting, treasure hunt and a lot of other fun activities.

The first day event was filled with adventure. The children participated in trekking, tent making, rock climbing, river crossing, zorbing, boating, horse riding, rain dance and swimming. All these activities ended with the camp fire, dance and flying of sky lanterns.

The second Day were a mix of Art and Spirituality. The activities included art of living session, treasure hunt in the woods, Christmas tree decoration, shooting, archery, painting, nail art, clay modeling.

With the Awesomeness Camp ending, the children returned in high spirits, with awesome memories and useful learning. The children desire to attend more of such camps with full enthusiasm.