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Library Launch on International Literacy Day (8th Sept) at Valmiki Hriday, children's home (an orphanage)

Jaahnavi Krishna, a Brand ambassador of Valmiki Foundation has inaugurated a mini library on the occasion of International Literacy Day (8th Sept 2015) for Valmiki Hriday, Children's home. Being a youngest Mountaineer (13 yrs), Jaahnavi is currently on her # Mission 7 summit in which she will be attempting to climb all the highest peaks of all 7 continents to make India proud.

Valmiki Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a library at Valmiki Hriday. In order to address education quality, the Valmiki Foundation has taken another initiative to provide quality educational opportunities for children of Valmiki Hriday through a library setup with carefully crafted book collections.

When kids read, their brain cells are literally turned on, and existing links among brain cells are strengthened and new cell links are formed. Reading is also one of the best activities to provide the foundation language and literacy skills that a child needs to succeed. And let's not forget how reading aloud connects us -- reader and listener -- in a very intimate way. When we read aloud to kids, we send them this message: You are important. This time is for you. Reading is an important part of a child's learning process.

Books play pivotal role in life of a student. It acts as a gateway for him to know and be par at the ever changing world. Many times students from the poor section of our society doesn't have access to the finest reading material. We are grateful to a District Governor of Rotary dist. 3105 Rotarian Gopinath, who has donated 6 different books to our foundation. Reading is a way for children to make connections between what they already know and what they read about in books. These connections help children understand the world around them. In addition, through books, children are exposed to characters and cultures that they may not otherwise interact with in real life.

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