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Jamuna Circus brings Circus play days to the Kids

"The world of tomorrow will inherit the children of today". Whether nations grow and prosper will depend heavily on the survival, health, education and protection of their citizens, particularly the youngest. Keeping this as a motive Valmiki Foundation focuses on providing a qualitative life to the deprived children of our society. Such exposures and visits have been learning and exhilarating to all the kids at Hriday.

On 6th of October 2014 Jamuna Circus invited all the 25 kids to attend the unique day show. One might skeptically shrug one's shoulders and say that one circus performance can hardly make a difference in the lives of these children devoid of attention and parental care, but to see the shining eyes of these kids a day out was planned to bring smile, laughter and make the most memorable and pleasant childhood memories for them. The event was unmatched in its grandeur. Funny clowns entertained kids with tricks, the musical show amused them and the animals act ecstatic the kids.