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Musical Evening with Valmiki Hriday Children

FMLR - Fellowship of Music Loving Rotarians - An excellent initiative to visit the Valmiki Hriday by spending quality time and entertaining the kids to the fullest for non stop performance of 2hours singing and dancing. There is no better way the way FMLR made us to showcase our Foundation and its activities to all members of twin cities Rotary Clubs. The Kids were showered with lots of promises and commitments by Rotarians that they will come forward to further support in terms of teaching, dancing, Playing. Special thanks to Rtn.Indira G who have contributed eggs for the children one full month. We also wanted to thank Rtn.Madhu President of RC of Sunrise for coming forward to teach Dance for our children, thanks to Rtn. Nishcay Agarwal for donating the chess board, Thanks to Rtn. Sarathi for Cricket kit for children. And those who contributed through our donation box. Valmiki Foundation is ever thankful to Rtn.Hyma, Rtn Srinivas, Rtn.Ramana who made this huge success.