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Passion and Life (PAL) Visits Valmiki Hriday

Valmiki Foundation has a great start to the month of March. Members from Passion and Life (PAL) visited Valmiki Hriday on March 1st. PAL is an initiative taken by HR professionals and entrepreneurs to form a social group where one can connect, learn and share his/her experiences and help each other grow and live the life to the fullest. The members of PAL are from a wide variety of fields included in which are - education, health, commerce, design, technology, travel etc.

Our Director, Sk. Valmiki Hari Kishan who is also a member of PAL, was present at the occasion. He discussed (with PAL team) and deliberated upon them the mission and vision of Valmiki Foundation. The Director narrated the journey of the Foundation through time, what efforts have gone into nourishing its dream projects, what support it has received, the hurdles in its drive to help the needy children and the targets to be met in the coming years!

The enthusiastic PAL members have shown great interest in the activities of Valmiki Foundation. Soon we will be hearing from them in terms of greater participation and involvement. Some of the PAL members have already come up with interesting and useful events for our Valmiki Hriday Children and greater associations with Valmiki Foundation.

The children of Valmiki Hriday enjoyed this get together all through-out the evening. They got the chance to learn on issues that affect them. The children even cherished the sweets, snacks, fruits etc. brought by the PAL team to the children’s home.