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Pulse Polio Immunization Programme - 2014 organized by Valmiki Foundation on January 19, 2014 at Mudfort, Bowenpally

India celebrates three years since its last case of polio, despite once being considered the most challenging place to end the disease. So, from a position where India reported two lakh children getting crippled by polio each year, the country finds its name striked off from the list of polio endemic countries by World Health Organization on Feburary 25, 2012.

However, the risk still persists. India is in close proximity to the two polio endemic countries i.e. Pakistan and Afghanistan, putting it at risk of poliovirus importation. Therefore, Government of India is head-bound to ensure that no child in the country has to suffer from polio. It has collaborated with many partners (WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International, World Bank, USAID, etc.) to achieve this goal. Based on such an understanding, the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme – 2014, targets 17 crore children. This intensive programme is to be carried out on January 19 and Feburary 23.

Promoting its activities of corporate social responsibility and making the government’s initaitive, in contaning poilio, a success, Valmiki Foundation joined hands with Rotary Club of Secunderabad - AACE. Subsequently, the first batch of polio vaccination programme – January 19, was completed in a slum area in Mudfort, Bowenpally (Hydearabd). Voulnteers from Valmiki Foundation included – SK Valmiki Hari Kishan (Director), Naidu (Coordinator), Valmiki Hriday children - Naveen and Reddy; who in collaboration with Rotary volunteers administered as many as 1000 children with the polio vaccine. The activity started at 7:30 AM and which witnessed a large participation from Rotary Club of Cantonement, interactors and school children.

Valmiki Foundation is an unbrella organization that conducts many activities/programmes (Valmiki Hriday – a children’s home, free distribution of scholarships, blood donation programmes etc.) through which it delivers services to the society. Poilo vaccination in the slum areas has been one such initiative. Valmiki Foundation now is all geared-up for the next round of poilo vaccination i.e on Feburary 23 and would be carrying forward the polio vaccination drive in a much bigger way.