Valmiki Foundation Events


We are taking this as an opportunity to bring it to your kind consideration about Valmiki Foundation “Destitute Children Scholarships Program”. Even though the rate of school attendance is better than ever before with more and more children between the ages of 6 and 14 enrolling at schools, the education system is inadequately developed - wracked by a shortage of resources, schools, classrooms and teachers. Often, resulting in poor quality of teaching, poverty, illiteracy and ignorance of parents many children drop out before completing five years of primary school and many of those who stay on, learn little. These drops out children are becoming prostitutes, juveniles, child labours. Some anti-social elements are exploiting these children and using them for their benefits. So to curb these exploitations and to improve the enrolling rate by decreasing the drop outs, Valmiki Foundation has been rendering remarkable services to the poor and needy students.

We have motivated 500 dropout children in rejoining mainstream of education. Supported few meritorious students in getting scholarships from various universities abroad. To make the destitute and orphan children accessible to education, we have conducted Scholarships distribution program on 26-06-09 at Hyderabad Arch Diocese Social Service Society( HAAS),S.D Road, Secunderabad and distributed Scholarships to 50 Children belongs to different Schools and Homes, for educational expenses, each child@ 3000/-. Besides these, every student received School bags, books and pens. The Chief Guest Mr.Chandra Mouli IAS, Panchayat Raj Commissioner, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, delivered inspirational messages and stories to children about education and commitment towards future goals. Guest of Honours, Film Actor Mr.Navadeep garu and Mr.Ranjansood garu motivated the children about the importance of time punctuality and education. Valmiki Foundation President Mr.Surya Ganesh Valmiki educated children about the importance of culture, ethics’ and values and time to achieve their dreams. Our sincere gratitude to all the associates’ friends, Colleagues, Valmiki Staff who have supported to fill the glory in the lives of the needy Children.

"We as a Valmiki team aims to serve many more children in future with the support of almighty & all of you with Valmiki team ..."

"Ultimately happiness lies in giving……. Giving…..& Giving."