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Valmiki Hriday Children Participate in Utsav 2014 Organized by Saanthwana on January 12

Valmiki Hriday children have given a jumpstart to the year 2014. After sporting great skills at the cricket tournament organized by Valmiki Group, our children have brought laurels by winning the dancing competition in Utsav or the Festival of Happiness (an annual event) organized by Saanthwana on January 12, 2014 at Mahendra Gardens (Kachiguda). This one day event included cultural performances by children from various NGOs; art and craft workshop; games and the distribution of prizes. Volunteers from various walks of life helped make this event a success while the children added colors to the show. For Valmiki Hriday children, participating in Utsav has been a great source of inspiration, entertainment and creativity!