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Vitamin 'A' Capsules Distribution Campaign

Nearly half of the children under five years of age in India have stunted growth mainly because of zinc, iron and vitamin A deficiency, according to a new study. Anemia affects 79 per cent of children in the lowest wealth quintile and 64 per cent in the highest wealth quintile, the analytical study by medical journal Lancet''''s series on maternal and child under-nutrition said.

While a host of issues like lack of or no breastfeeding, contributed to these severe conditions, deficiency of zinc or vitamin A is the major factor, according to Dr Robert Black of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Maryland, who is one of the compilers of the series. In India, for example, around 30-40 per cent of children have zinc and vitamin A deficiency, Dr M K Bhan, secretary, department of biotechnology said. The reason for this can be found in the diet patterns in India.

So taking all these conditions into consideration “VALMIKI FOUNDATION” has strongly committed to distribute Vitamin ‘A’ Capsules to the needy poor children. We have visited Government Primary School, West Marredpally, on 8-12-08,Brittos School, Ramgopalpet, Nallagutta, on 11-12-08 and distributed vitamin “A” Capsules, Chocolates to the children, around 800 children have taken capsules. Valmiki staff, School teacher’s and staff participated in this holy programme. All the staff members have felt very happy by participating in such a noble event. These capsules will protect the children from eye defects and recover the deficiencies. Good sight of the children leads to good education and good nation.

We are distributing Vitamin ‘A’ Capsules to the poor children, because these days many children are being effected by many diseases due to lack of nutritious food. It is being noticed that in developing countries Vitamin ‘A’ deficiency especially in children has been increasing. So we are planning to distribute 100,000.00 Capsules this year to the primary class children from the government schools and the children from the slums in Hyderabad.